AV8 Helicopters charter flights and aerial work platform AV8 Helicopters charter flights and aerial work platform AV8 Helicopters charter flights and aerial work platform AV8 Helicopters charter flights and aerial work platform AV8 Helicopters charter flights and aerial work platform AV8 Helicopters charter flights and aerial work platform

The AV8 Fleet

Our core business is carried out with a fleet of R22 Beta IIs, R44 Ravel IIs, Alouette IIIs and an AS350 B2, based at East London Airport in the Eastern Cape. Over the last ten years, we have operated various aircraft around South Africa, including Pumas, Bell L3 and L4 long-rangers, Bell 206 Jet Rangers, BO 105s, AS 350 Bs, and AS 350 BAs for once-off, annual and seasonal contracts.

R22 Beta II

Robinson R22 Beta IIThe Robinson R22 Beta II is a very popular two-seat, single engine helicopter. It holds performance records in both speed and distance, and can reach a high cruise speed up to 110 mph. No other helicopter in its class can match its speed, reliability, and low operating costs. It is a good choice for flight training, radio traffic watch, survey work, and other applications that require performance, dependability, efficiency, and easy maintenance.
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R44 Raven II

Robinson R22 Beta IIThe Raven II is a single engine helicopter that produces substantially more power than many other helicopters and gives greater altitude performance, more payload, and increased speed. One of the Robie 44's key features is the reduced noise level of approximately one decibel at the 500-foot flyover. Also, the main rotor blades have more surface area for increased lifting capability at altitude, which reduces vibration. You can be assured of a good starting performance in hot or cold weather with the Raven II.
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Eurocpter EC120 Colibri (French Hummingbird)

Eurocpter EC120The EC120 is a 5 -seat, single engine light helicopter with a fenestron tail rotor, making it a particularly quiet helicopter. The wide cabin featuring excellent visibility, makes it suitable for a wide variety of uses, such as utility and offshore transport, training, law enforcement and casualty evacuation as well as corporate transport and, of course, sight-seeing!
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AS350 B2 Ecureuil Squirrel

Robinson R22 Beta IIThe AS350 is a single engine helicopter known for its high performance, safety and reduced operating costs. It is a very sought-after helicopter as it can perform a wide range of missions, including passenger transport, aerial work, and fire fighting. Its roomy and comfortable cabin can accommodate up to seven passengers. The AS350 B2 is also an excellent utility helicopter and can carry under-slung loads of up to 1160kg. The AS350 is therefore well suited to all missions requiring various types of equipment, as well as medical evacuations, and security work.
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Alouette III

Robinson R22 Beta IIThe Aérospatiale Alouette III is a single engine, light utility helicopter developed by Sud Aviation. Helicopter manufacturer, Aérospatiale of France, built approximately 2000 of them in the 1960s. They were primarily used by the French Armed Forces, the Indian Air Force, the Lebanese Air Force and the South African Air Force. The Alo III is known for its mountain rescue capabilities and adaptability. ‘Alouette’ is the French word for ‘Skylark’. The Alouette III is a seven-seat helicopter, which caters for the pilot and six passengers.
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