The Eastern Cape and former Transkei region is known for its bad roads, but AV8 Helicopters can get to those remote places quickly and safely, saving you that most precious and un-replaceable commodity: time.

We'll save you money as well! We only charge for the time from engine startup to shutdown, and not for the time on the ground. So if, for example, you fly for half an hour to a destination and have a two hour meeting before flying the half an hour return journey, AV8 Helicopters will only invoice you for the one hour of flight time.

We can source specific helicopters to suit your needs, including helicopters with two crew and twin engines.

Whether you're a VIP needing to get somewhere urgently or a photographer requiring an aerial platform from which to film, if you're looking for the ideal way to start your Wild Coast holiday, or simply want to go for an affordable flight in a chopper with your mates, AV8 can supply you with just the thing!

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