AV8 Helicopters trains local pilots for both private and commercial licenses. We provide operational training to Defence Force helicopter pilots from a number of South Africa's neighbouring countries. The following ICAO flight training courses and ratings are available from AV8 Helicopters:

Student Pilot Licence
Private Pilot Licence
Commercial Pilot Licence
Airline Transport Pilot Licence
    Night Rating
    Sling Rating
    Game / Livestock / Cull Rating
    Instrument Rating
    Instructors Rating
    Robinson R44 Conversion
    Turbine Conversion / Alouette III Conversion / AS350 B2 Conversion
    Mountain Flying Training
    Fire Bucket Training

At AV8 Helicopters, we believe that learning to fly should be fun. We try at all times to use training methods that make the course enjoyable.

Our hangars are at East London Airport and a large percentage of the training is completed on the airport grounds. This allows for accelerated progress, because time spent traveling to and from the general flying area is minimal.

Although East London Airport is in controlled airspace and caters for both scheduled and unscheduled traffic, it is not a very busy airport. This is an ideal training environment as it allows the student to learn to fly in controlled airspace with student-friendly air-traffic controllers.